29 Store Resources for D.I.Y. Projects, Home Decor, & Furniture

Today is February 29th! Seeing as how this day happens only every four years, I thought that it would be fun to celebrate the 2016 Leap Year by sharing 29 store resources for D.I.Y. projects, home decor, and furniture. This list is really helpful because now you have more of a concrete idea of where exactly you can purchase the exact items you need for your home. I’ve mentioned whether the stores are brick & mortar (meaning you can shop on the ground) or if its just purely online. I’ve also tried to share where exactly in the world they are located so that you have more of an idea of the location of the store.

Keep reading so that you can see the resource list. 🙂


Colorful and Pattern Pillows Picture via Ashley Ella Design

1.Target: Brick & mortar & Online shopping | Some International Locations, including Australia

2.Walmart: Brick & mortar & Online Shopping| Some International Locations [beware of the quality of the items you purchase from Wal-Mart. A lot of the items aren’t very good quality hence why they are so inexpensive nor do they last very long. I’ve purchase bookcases & poster frames that have NOT stood the test of time & have fallen apart. Some smaller decor items from them may be fine like a throw pillow or bath accessories even a poster print but for major furniture pieces (including picture frames), I suggest a different store.]

3.Gordmans: Brick & mortar stores  in 22 states (including Central Indiana) & Online Shopping | U.S. only

4.Crate & Barrel : Brick & mortar across various U.S. cities & Online Shopping| International location in Dubai as of 2010

5.West Elm: Brick & mortar across various U.S. cities & Online Shopping | International shipping offered to 90+ locations

6. Ashley Furniture: Brick & mortar in all 50 states of the U.S. & Online Shopping| U.S. only

7. Hobby Lobby: Brick & mortar in various U.S. locations & Online shopping| U.S. only

8. Michaels: Brick & mortar in all 50 states of the U.S. & Online shopping | U.S. only (no none international locations)

9. Wayfair: Online only: ships to the continental US, Hawaii, and Alaska| no international shipping

10. Etsy: Online only | some sellers may ship internationally or only domestically in the U.S.

brown leather chair

Brown leather chair

11. Ebay: Online only: international shipping will vary by the seller

12. Dollar General: Brick & mortar across various states in the U.S. | (although there is a website, I personally believe it would be in your best interest to visit your local D.G. in person to see the inventory that your local Dollar General will have)

13. Ikea: Brick & mortar across various states in the U.S. (including Indiana in 2017-2018) & Internationally (Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.)| Online shopping available for the U.S. & International locations

14. Bed, Bath, and Beyond: Brick & mortar in all 50 states| International locations for Mexico, Canada, & Puerto Rico| Ships to 225 countries worldwide

15. Deny Designs: Online only | Ships to all 50 US states as well as Internationally. Here is the exact info about shipping and the costs.

16. Society 6 : Online only| Ships to all 50 states | May ship internationally

Home Decorations

Eiffel Tower, Painted letter, and Snow globe home decor

17. HomeGoods: Brick & mortar in 46 states | No none International locations

18. T.J. Maxx: Brick & Mortar across various U.S. cities |No International Locations

19. Overstock: Online only | May offer International shipping

20. Pottery Barn: Online shopping| Brick & mortar: various states across the U.S., and Internationally in Canana, the Middle East, & Australia. details about exact locations here.

21. Kohl’s : Across various U.S. cities (exact locations vary do to the recent announcement of Kohl’s store closing across the U.S.)

22. Urban Outfitters: Brick & mortar stores in various U.S. States & Brick & mortar Internationally in Asia, Canada, Europe (including Italy) | online shopping available| May offer International shipping. If you want to see if Urban Outfitters is located in your state, here is the link that shares the exact store locations.


Black leather couch

23. Z Gallerie: 22 Brick & mortar locations across the U.S. | No international locations although International shipping is offered to various countries worldwide

24. At Home : Online & Brick & mortar stores across the continental US | No none international shipping options

25. Joss & Main : Online only| U.S. shipping only

26. All Modern: Online only| U.S. shipping only

27. Restoration Hardware: Brick & mortar in various U.S. locations | Only ships internationally to Canada

28. Burlington Coat Factory: Brick & mortar stores across 44 U.S. states| No none international shipping options. [Don’t be thrown off by the coat factory name. Although I personally haven’t seen much furniture at my local Burlington, you can almost always find smaller decor items such as curtains, throw blankets, etc.It just depends on what kind of items are shipped to the stores]

29. Thrift stores (such as Salvation Army) : [I wanted to present a more affordable option in case you can’t afford items from the store listed. There are a lot of thrift stores across the U.S. and if you’re willing to put in a little TLC on the furniture that you find there, then this can be an option for you]

Do you have a favorite stores from my list that you like to shop at?




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