The Top 8 Kitchen Items You Need As A Home Cook

In 2012, the Harris Poll determined that “Seven in ten Americans are cooking more in order to save money“. As a woman that has been cooking since elementary school, I relate a lot to this fact. With this statistic in mind, its important to have some kitchen staples in order to make cooking at home functional, easy, and quick. As an avid home cook, here are my kitchen items and accessories I think are important for a home cook.

1. Good quality skillets/pots

silver cookware

Silver cookware

Quality will always stand the test the time instead buying cheap skillets over and over again. In fact, I have a couple of family heirloom skillets (cast-iron in fact) that are at LEAST 50 years old. SERIOUSLY! I can’t say if the production value for cookware is the same 50 years ago; however you definitely want to invest in cookware where you don’t have to re-buy it every year because it can’t handle high heat or because the handle falls off.

2. Butcher block
The butcher block that I have at home is by the brand Farberware. It comes with an assortment of knives including a knife sharpener, a “Chucky the killer doll” knife, and even a serrated edge knife to cut bread. I’ve had it since 2010 and its been really helpful for me. I got my butcher block from the Umbrella corporation (known more colloquially as Wal-Mart).

3.Cutting Board

cutting board

Cutting board with fresh veggies

Chopping is one of the basic parts your do while cooking. You can literally get cutting boards at dollar stores now.

4. Can opener

can opener

Can Opener

You can use either an electric or manual can opener. I find electric can openers open them faster but it can take awhile at time to line it up right. A handheld one is usually easier to find and less expensive. Whether you want an electric one or a handheld one is a personal preference.

5. Spice organizer
Bland food is a disgrace and Chef Gordon Ramsay would not approve of such practices which is why spices are important. LOL! They make an in cabinet spice organizer that sells at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for about $20. I’ve even seen people make D.I.Y.s for their spices as well.

6. Drawer Organizer for Utensils

So much time is wasted when you can’t find anything, so having a drawer organizer makes it easier to specific items you need while cooking.

7. Oven Mitts
I used to really like the Ove-glove. There is nothing worse than an oven mitt than you can burn your hands through.

8. Colander


Colander in sink

If you ever make pasta, salads, or even just rinse off veggies, realize how important a colander is. It makes it sooo much easier to rinse off items, especially when you’ve got a hot pot of pasta that needs to be drained STAT!

 What are some of your favorite kitchen items to use as a home cook?


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