Five Keys to Creating a Minimalist Design Aesthetic


Minimal Interior with White color palette

Lately, I have been noticing more people embracing a minimalist design for their homes. Although, this specific style isn’t new, it is definitely on its way back.   I have briefly touched on this topic before on my blog, in my minimalism inspired journey article, here. For those of you that want to take minimalism a step further, come with me as I tell you ways to create a minimalist interior for your home.

1.Neutral color Palette (white, black, grey): These colors are very simple both to the eye & psychologically. Grey psychologically creates feelings of calm, classic, and quietness. White psychologically can create feelings of clarity, simplicity, and lightness. Black psychologically can create feelings of elegance and sophistication. Less is definitely more in a minimalist interior and that applies to the choice of colors as well. If you want more of a bolder pop of colors, than stick with the three primary colors, red, blue, and yellow as accent colors. The choice for these specific colors is based on the De Stijl movement that emphasized not only the basic forms but also basic colors.

2. NO clutter: Having less clutter will make it easier to find the day to day items that you use and it can also clear your mind. According to, researchers at Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute discovered that when your environment is cluttered, “the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information.”

3. Simple furniture with clean lines (with no ornamentation)


Wood dining table with armless Saarinen chairs in white and wood

A minimalist interior does not have furniture with lots of ornamentation (such as the Louis the XIV chair or Victorian furniture). A minimalist interior contains modern furniture that is functional, comfortable, and has clean lines. Examples of minimal furniture pieces are the Noguchi table, the Ball chair, the Saarinen chair, and the Barcelona chair.

4. Minimal Artwork/Accessories:


Minimal Living space

For a minimalist design style, less is more! Instead of filling every wall surface and bookshelf with artwork and accessories, have only a few pieces throughout the whole living space.


Subtle Geometric Wall Art with one plant

5. Basic geometric forms

Basic geometric forms (circle, square, triangle, etc.) helps to add to the overall simplicity of the minimalist design aesthetic. One way to add in geometric forms is to create a stencil in any shape, such as  the triangle shapes above, and paint it on the wall.

 How do you create a minimalist design aesthetic in your home? Is this something you could see yourself creating?

P.S. Have you seen my previous post Ten New Years Resolutions for your Home (that you’ll actually follow through with)? If not, check it out! Its not too late to follow through with your resolutions.


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