Ten New Years Resolutions for Your Home (that you’ll actually follow through with)

With the dawn of 2016 quickly approaching us, its common to create a New Years resolution for weight loss, relationships, etc. However, I think its important to create practical New Years resolutions for your home that will be easy to follow through with. Keep reading as I share my list of New Years resolutions that can apply to your home whether you’re renting or own your home.



1. Practice the one touch rule. The one touch rule means that when you’re dealing with an object, you immediately put it back in a place where it belongs so that you only have to touch the object once. When you don’t put the object back immediately, that leads you to have to touch the object multiple times, therefore wasting time & cutting down on productivity.

2. Create a cleaning schedule. Creating a cleaning schedule adds consistency to your home routine the busier you are. This type of schedule allows your home and specific objects in it to be cleaned more often and cut down on the amount of take it takes to clean overtime.

3. Finish the design project(s) in your home. Raise your hand if you have a design project in your home whether its organizing your bedroom to small reno project for your bathroom? (I’m raising my hand too!) Let 2016 be the year that you finish your project. If its money that’s holding you back, do your due diligence by researching how much money you need to complete the project. If its a smaller organizing project, research the actual products you need to make your space more organized and set aside the funds for the organizational items so that you can purchase them.

4. Get rid of items in your home that no longer fit with your design aesthetic. Sometimes as you get older, you design preferences change and thats okay! Its okay for your design style to evolve and its important for your home to reflect your style evolution as well in order to communicate your design voice in your home.



5. Stop wearing shoes in the house. Not only do shoes track in a bunch of icky germs which can be dangerous for your pets & children, it also dirties up the floor faster.

6. Make your bed everyday. You may not realize it at first but try making your bed everyday for 21 days. Your room will look and feel alot cleaner and it also creates a good morning ritual.

7. Step outside of your design comfort zone. For example, lets say you only tend to purchase black or grey items for your home. The next time you buy something, try to buy a more vibrant color. Or if you only buy super modern furniture, try buying a slightly more rustic piece. Once something new is in your space, it changes up the energy/vibe of the room. It also adds another element of interest to your home. You never know what you may like if you don’t expose yourself to different styles.



8. Organize your DVD/Blu Ray collection. I personally don’t consider my DVDs to be ancient relics so I still like to have my own collection. At pawn shops, you can get these for very cheap (like under $5) sometimes even FREE! Whether its alphabetically or by genre, an organized collection will make it MUCH easier to find the movies that you want to watch and it also allows you to maybe sell of the movies in your collection that you notice you haven’t watched in awhile.


9. Clear your desk area each day after you finish working. A clean workspace creates more productivity and makes it easier for you to focus on your work and not on finding a pencil because your desk is too messy. If you look at your desk area in your room and its messy, it can also create feelings of stress and restlessness because of the work thats left on the desk. A clean desk also communicates to yourself that you are done working for the day allowing you to relax more for the rest of the evening.


10. Don’t sleep with your phone next to you. If you notice that you are often sleepy in the morning or have trouble falling asleep at night, it may be your cell phone that’s causing problems. The blue light from the cell phone (and similar tech)  has been proven to disrupt sleep.

What New Years resolutions do you have for your home in 2016?

P.S. Have you read my previous post about  Pantone’s Colors of the year for 2016 and how to include them into your home? Check it out!



5 thoughts on “Ten New Years Resolutions for Your Home (that you’ll actually follow through with)

  1. haleysred93 says:

    I definitely need to be better about making my bed each morning and not sleeping with my phone, iPad, AND laptop next to me! I definitely resolve to sleep tech free in 2016! Thank you for this list, I love the one touch rule too! I wonder if I can get my family to implement that one! 😉


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