7 Classic Christmas Decorations

Greetings everyone! Its now December and in about two weeks, its Christmas! Seeing all of these Christmas decorations has got me thinking about some classic Christmas décor. You know, the things that we see and automatically associate with Christmas: the things that we put into our homes to bring more of a Christmas-y feeling. Here is my list of seven classic Christmas decorations that have stood the test of time.

1.Nativity Scene


Biblical Nativity scene

First, I have to give a shout-out to my Lord & savior Jesus by mentioning the nativity scene. For many of us, Jesus is the reason for the season. In front of churches and personal properties, a nativity scene is a way not only to profess personal faith but to remind people why Christmas is a priority.

2. Christmas Wreath


Red & Gold Christmas Wreath

A Christmas wreath can be as rustic or modern as you like. The nice thing about Christmas wreaths is that they require minimal effort and that they look so fancy schmancy when you place it on your front door. I’m sure the mailman will enjoy looking at the wreath as well.

This particular wreath pictured above has acorns in it which adds a bit of nature to it. The gold in the wreath is on trend for this season, with metallic colors making a splash in winter décor. Metallics are also a play off of nature so adding something with this element never really goes out of style. The primarily red and gold color scheme work well together.

3. Christmas Tree

cropped tree

Christmas Tree w/ red and green ornaments

Its hard not to mention Christmas decorations without mentioning the Christmas tree. I love them! My earliest memories related to Christmas always feature a Christmas tree. While some people like to buy real trees, I just use an artificial one from Family Dollar (that happens to be the color white).

This Christmas tree is green which is more traditional in Christmas tree décor, ere go a staple. A green tree never goes out of style. This also has the traditional Christmas holiday colors, red and green. These two colors will always be associated with Christmas. I like how the red and green color scheme was carried through even through the choice of wrapping paper for the gifts.

4. Gingerbread House


Gingerbread House w/ Peppermint & gumdrops

Well what can I say about a gingerbread house? To me, I think its cool and fun when food is used in an unexpected way in order to create a piece of art. Putting together a gingerbread house is a group activity that people of all ages can participate in. Although these particular gingerbread houses do have the classic Christmas color scheme like I mentioned earlier, the colors from the gumdrops adds a whimsical element to the house.

5. Santa Claus/Reindeerchristmas-579067_1280

The folklore of a man breaking into your house to give your kids presents is one I don’t foresee going away anytime soon. Many parents like to add some Santa décor to make kids excited for the holiday season. This design shows Santa Claus in display form with the reindeer in lights for this unique outdoor scene. If your family decorates the front of your home for Christmas, you can do something similar to this. Or you can just add pictures of Santa Claus that you may have taken with smaller children and use that as decor as well.

Or you can have this John Lennon version of Santa Claus as human entertainment. (Just kidding folks!)


IDK who this guy is but he reminds me of a John Lennon inspired Santa Claus that drinks a little bit too much.

Don’t forget that Santa Claus has magical reindeer that he uses for transportation as well. They go by the names of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder, and Blixem. They help him to get the delivery job done after all.


Santa Claus and reindeer in lights


6. Poinsettia



The poinsettia a.k.a. the “Christmas flower” has been dubbed well the Christmas flower for many years now. The flower itself isn’t too frilly so if you’re not too heavily into flowers, this is a nice way to incorporate it into your home without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone. One year, I used this flower as a centerpiece on the dining room table. The bold red color of the flower adds a pop of color to an otherwise dull table. I was also able to keep it alive until Christmas. Yahoo!

They are easy to find with many stores like Target selling them for pretty cheap. You can also go to your local flower shop to purchase one.




The mistletoe is another natural plant that is a part of the classic Christmas décor. The legend in relation to the mistletoe in Western countries is to hang it up as a decoration. When a couple comes under the mistletoe, they are supposed to kiss. If you’ve got a special somebody in your life, get them under the mistletoe so that you can kiss them. 😉

I think that the easiest way to put this into your home is right above a doorway. Especially for those holiday parties.

So you tell me, what do you think are some classic Christmas decorations that I don’t have in this list?



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