Three Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving (at least in the United States) is right around corner. By now I’m sure you have figured out the menu, know all of the friends and family invited to the festivities, etc. But have you given any thought about decor for your party?

If not, don’t fret! I’ve got you covered. Here are three decor ideas to help out with your Thanksgiving decorations.

  1. Wreath


    Fall Sunflower Wreath

A wreath is a classic decor item. You can add it on the front door or you can use it as a focal point artwork if you happen to have a fireplace.


Stereo typically, pumpkins are only considered for October because of Halloween. But what if you’re a really big pumpkin fan? There is a way to utilize pumpkins in the decor without scaring young kids at the kids Thanksgiving table because of the ghoulish carvings on them. You can group pumpkins like in this picture.


Pumpkin Grouping Inspiration

Or you can even paint a faux-pumpkin (who says that it has to be a real one you use to decorate with?) with glitter spray paint to add a sense of luxe or in a solid color (like red,purple, etc. ) in an acrylic paint.

  1. Basket Table Centerpiecegourds-204929_1280

This one here is attached to a wall but this basket can be reinterpreted as a table centerpiece. The variety between the gourds, pumpkins, and squash adds a nice color palette to your table. The texture of the hay adds an endearing rustic element to this basket.


Edible Basket Decor

If you want your basket to be more functional, you can do a similar basket grouping like the one depicted here by adding in edible objects and using that as decor. Using this technique takes the pressure off of having to find hay, faux veggies for decorations, and you can be sure that the money you use for the basket won’t go to waste. Send some of your guests home with the food in the basket as part of the foil dinner plate send off.

How are you decorating your home for Thanksgiving?


2 thoughts on “Three Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Decor Ideas

  1. Jazz Graza says:

    When it comes to entertaining, decor is something I totally forget about. Thanks for this post! I love how you made these ideas really attainable, I feel like I could do this without stressing out. You have a great eye for festive decor ❤ Stay creating because you ARE awesome, Jazz


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