Four Ways to Incorporate Geometric Patterns into your Home

For the Fall 2015 season, there are many different trends going on in both fashion and Interior Design. Join me as I discuss one of those trends: Geometric Patterns.

A geometric pattern is a pattern/design that repeats itself. Some popular examples of geometric patterns are chevron, animal prints, and damask.

See the list below to see not only how I have incorporated geometric patterns into my space but to observe additional ways to add in geometric patterns so that may can add this to your interior as well.

1. Through curtains
In my room, I have a neutral colored geometric curtain. And the best part about this was how inexpensive this was. It was only $12 from my local Dollar Tree. Pretty groovy huh? The movement of the geometric pattern adds visual interest and rhythm, but the grey and white keeps it from being overwhelming, allowing me to add pops of color through my artwork and smaller furniture pieces.

Grey & White Geometric Curtain

Grey & White Geometric Curtain

2. Bedding

Target Bedding

Navy & White Geometric Bedding from Target

Here is another place where I have added a geometric pattern. The dark blue paired with the white in the bedding helps for this to act as a neutral and to not overwhelm the space since the bed is typically the largest visual impact in the room. The color of the bedding is also more forgiving in durability overtime due to its darker color. The scale is about a medium size proportion compared to my curtains which I would say is a larger scale print.

The bedding I got from Target for around $40 which came with two matching sham pillows Here is a similar bedding I found on Ebay.

In the picture below, you can see how this chevron pattern works well in this baby room. I’m sure the little human that sleeps in this room loves it.

Baby crib with chevron bedding

Baby crib with chevron bedding

3. Throw Pillows
I know that everyone isn’t into the hippy bohemian vibe by having multiple patterned textiles in one room like I do. That’s okay! A smaller way for you to dip your toe into the geometric trend is through throw pillows.

You can also put geometric throw pillows onto your couch like here.

Geometric Pillows on Couch

Monochromatic Geometric Pillows on Couch

I have a yellow throw pillow in my room made from a textile I purchased during my trip in Thailand. I believe that the material is a Thai silk. I really like how subtle this particular pattern is but that it still adds a pop of color to my bed area against my bedding.

Yellow & White Thai Textile Pillow

Yellow & White Thai Textile Pillow

Throw pillows can be found anywhere from online to local design shops. If you’re into D.I.Y.s, you can also go to a fabric store, such as Jo-Anns’, to purchase the specific fabric that you want in order to make your own custom throw pillow.

4. Light Fixtures

Geometric Ceiling Lamp

Geometric Ceiling Lamp

Now this may come as a surprise but there are many ceiling fixtures that are constructed geometrically. I think that many people forget how a ceiling light fixture in your room can be a piece of art in and of itself. This particular light fixture is sleek, modern, and fits within the geometric realm. This adds visual interest to your room. Just make sure that you add CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) lamps to the fixture to conserve on energy cost.

Now you have seen four different ways to incorporate geometric patterns into your room.

Have fun!

Comment below! What are some ways that you plan on adding (or have already added) geometric patterns into your room?


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