Three Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving (at least in the United States) is right around corner. By now I’m sure you have figured out the menu, know all of the friends and family invited to the festivities, etc. But have you given any thought about decor for your party?

If not, don’t fret! I’ve got you covered. Here are three decor ideas to help out with your Thanksgiving decorations. Continue reading


Four Ways to Incorporate Geometric Patterns into your Home

For the Fall 2015 season, there are many different trends going on in both fashion and Interior Design. Join me as I discuss one of those trends: Geometric Patterns.

A geometric pattern is a pattern/design that repeats itself. Some popular examples of geometric patterns are chevron, animal prints, and damask.

See the list below to see not only how I have incorporated geometric patterns into my space but to observe additional ways to add in geometric patterns so that may can add this to your interior as well. Continue reading